September 14, 2013 Lake Blackshear Results

Lake Blackshear

Danny Blount and Greg Kilgore took First Place (13.66 lbs $1,100.00) and Big Fish (5.77 lbs $220.00) by fishing Texas rigged worms on docks. Their total winnings for the day $1.320.00

David and Easton Stokes follow closed behind with their Second Place (13.22 lbs $275.00) five fish limit caught on spinner baits.

Colt Kinlaw and Tyler Sweat took Third Place (12.74 lbs $165.00)

Michael Padgett and Scott Holland finished in Fourth Place (12.72 lbs $110.00)

Dominic Bernardoni with Southern Custom Rods contributed two custom rods as raffle prizes valued at $180.00 and $240.00 each and these were won by Trey Collins and David and Easton Stokes.

Team WAFFLE HOUSE Alan Haney and Randy Henson missed out of the cash payouts but won the best dressed team award for their Waffle House/Fishermen For The Hungry custom made tournament shirts!

Numbers for the day:
22 teams
65 fished weighed in with a gross weight of 149.24 lbs and a Big Fish for the day of 5.77 lbs

$1,870.00 prize money paid back to the fishermen and $420.00 worth of raffle prizes.

Best of all, though the continued support of our loyal sponsors, our fishermen, and our volunteers the “FFTH” has help distribute an amazing $14.5 Million Dollars worth of food for the needy, the food banks we support, the Northern Heights Baptist Church/Ameris Bank Food & Prayer Distributions and School Back Pack Feeding Program.

“Little Is Much When GOD Is In IT”

 Bobby Hudson
wins @ Blackshear

    September 14, 2013
Tournament Results

1st Place

Danny Blount & Greg Kilgore

2nd Plac
David Stokes & Easton Stokes

3rd Place

Colt Kinlaw & Tyler Swaat

 Michael Barnhart & Jimmy Troxell




Place Team Weight
1 Blount, Danny Kilgore, Greg 13.66
2 Stokes, David Stokes, Easton 13.22
3 Kinlaw, Colt Swaat, Tyler 12.74
4 Padgett, Michael Holland, Scott 12.72
5 Barnhart, Michael Troxell, Jimmy 12.28
6 Gammage, Earl Bass, Norman 11.6
7 Goff, Wayne   11.26
8 Dunn, Robbie Kegebein, Tim 9.76
9 Sharpe, Jimmy Moody, Sam 8.95
10 Merritt, John Baggett, Brian 8.61
11 Collins, Trey Faircloth, T.J 7.73
12 Smith, Dwayne   7.51
13 Guy, Josh Cleghorn, Al 7.45
14 Harkleroad, Irie Lane, Billy Joe 4.45
15 Gray, Barry Rowell, Timmy 3.61
16 Haney, Alan Henson, Randy 3.19
17 Parker, Jimmy Parker, Harlie 0
18 Phillips, Steve Meadows, Wes 0
19 Haynie, George Crocker, Greg 0
20 Cooper, Harry   0
21 Brady, Scott Johnson, Eddie 0
22 Underwood, Bobby Joe Nobles, Ken 0

Big Fish Danny Blount & Greg Kilgore


Southern Custom Rods