Rules & Regulations  

The following rules and regulations for the “FISHERMEN FOR THE HUNGRY” remain unchanged and the interpretation of these rules and regulations shall be left exclusively to the Tournament committee. The decision of the tournament director will be final in all matters. 

Teams: Will consist of two anglers of either sex, husband and wife and parent and children teams are highly encouraged. An adult must accompany minor children. 

Tournament Times: All tournaments will be Eastern Time (Georgia time) Safe light until scheduled flight with first flight scheduled at 3:00p.m. 

Registration Forms: All participants must complete and sign registration forms before they are eligible to participate. There will be no exceptions. Signed registration forms certifies that the participants have read the rules and regulations, understand them, and release the “FFTH” Inc., Tournament Committee, Tournament Director, Our Sponsors, Our Volunteers, and any agency that is represented at our tournaments from any personal injuries, other damage they may suffer, or the failure to pass the polygraph test. Boat numbers will be assigned as entries are paid.  

Severe Weather: We will fish rain or shine unless severe conditions put us in danger of conducting a safe tournament. Any canceled tournament will be rescheduled at the very first opportunity with the goal being set for the second Sunday following the canceled event (8 days later) the decision to cancel any tournament will be determined by the tournament committee. The entry fee for any rescheduled tournament will be applied to that tournament only. 

Off Limits: There are no off limits unless posted by landings. 

Points: All points accumulated will go towards the boat captain’s totals. This will always be considered as partner number one unless you otherwise state to the tournament committee in advance.  

Alternates: Each team will be allowed two alternates. For safety's sake you can have a third alternate but they must be immediate family members, (wife or children only)  All accumulated points go to boat captain. The decision by the tournament committee will be final in the decision of points being rewarded to the appropriate person. Your cooperation in this matter is the utmost importance. Alternates must be announced no later than Friday a.m. before tournament to participate. 

Tackle: Only artificial lures may be used with the cast and retrieve, pitching, or flipping method and all fish must be caught in a legal manner. Trolling is not allowed.

Scoring: There is a five (5) fish limit per team. You are not allowed to have more than five (5) fish in your possession at anytime. You must start culling immediately upon catching your sixth fish and before you or your partner make another cast. Having more than (5) fish in your possession will result in your disqualification. All measurement will be done with the “Golden Rule” the lake length will apply to each tournament.  Georgia law states that dead fish cannot be culled. There is a dead fish penalty of four (4) ounces taken away from the dead fish. Any fish that cannot right themselves and proceed on their own will be classified as dead. The decision will be the same for all participates and the decision of the tournament director is final in all cases. All short fish will be disqualified and a penalty of (4) ounces will be deducted for each short fish brought to the scales.  BIG FISH MUST BE ALIVE TO QUALIFY FOR BIG FISH POT. 

Tie Breaker: The team with the lowest boat number will prevail. 

Protest: The “FFTH” will conduct every decision in such a manner that is absolutely fair to all participates. In the unlikely event of a protest, the following conditions must apply. Protest must be in writing and received by tournament committee 30 minutes before blast off or 10 minutes after last flight weigh-in. the protest must be accompanied by $50.00. 

Sportsmanship: Alcoholic beverages will not be consumed during tournament hours. No abusive language or fighting will be tolerated. Standard fishing rights will be observed to all participates and non-participates likewise. Any un-sportsman like actions will result in your disqualification. 

Boat Movement: Following Blast Off all movement of participants will be by their boat only.  You cannot move out of your boat into another unless your boat is out of service. Your fishing must be done from your boat only. Caught fish must be removed from live well at landing before boat is loaded unless otherwise permission given by tournament director. 

Polygraph Exams: All participates are subject to polygraph examinations. Anyone failing to pass the polygraph will be disqualified from the present and all future “FFTH” events. 

Safety: P.F.D. must be worn by all participates at Blast off and while on plane, moving from one location to another. 

Laws: all local, state, and federal laws apply. 

Late Registration: Registration at tournament site on tournament day will be accepted on a cash only basis. 

Returned Checks: A $25.00 returned check fee will be charged for all returned checks, any check that does not clear the bank will result in your winnings check being held, your points held, and the possibility of your team being disqualified if not handled within five (5) business days. 

Late Penalty: You will be charged one pound per minute for arriving late to your scheduled weigh-in time. 

Emergencies: If your boat is out of service, fish must be transferred into another “FFTH” tournament boat and brought to the scales at or before your scheduled weigh in time. Late penalty will still apply. 

Prize Money: All prize money is guaranteed and ample door prizes will be awarded by drawings at each tournament. You must weigh in fish to place and you must be present to receive door prizes. Gift certificates are the responsibility of the merchant and the participate to arrange delivery and not that of the “FFTH” 

The “FFTH” reserves the right to refuse anyone’s entry fee due to their previous unethical, suspicious, or un-sportsman like actions. Anyone that has failed a polygraph test or screening in connection with a previous bass tournament, been disciplined, disqualified, barred because of cheating, drinking, fighting, or any other un-sportsman like actions will be prohibited from competition. Failure to supply the “FFTH” the correct personal information will also result in your disqualification.

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